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Amsha And Purna Avataras High Karma Blessings by Manuela Fasoli

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year 2019
The Amsha And Purna Avatars Are The Higher Beings Of Light Who Have Been Incarnated On Earth To Bring Love And Evolution And Now Are In The Goloka,The Highest Divine  Dimension .When You Receive Their Blessings Your Life Can Change For The Better,Your Evolution  Take A Quantum Leap Of Quality,All The Darkness Will Be Washed Away  But Most Of All Your Bad Karma Will Be Deleted.

This Blessing Is The Grace Of God For You! 

This System Links You To The Energy Of These Avatars And Their Blessings And A New Pure White Light Will Surround You And All Your Energetic Bodies In All Dimensions And Times.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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