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Harmonious Rainbow Empowerment by Ferry Puthut - Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

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24 $  - year 2013

Harmonious Rainbow Empowerment by aligns your personal harmony.

 It strengthens hopes and heals despair and anxiety. 
It drives your soul to understand and accept the bright and the dark side in others.

 It stimulates your emotional and mental conditions to be balanced. 
It reinforces the instinct and sensitivity to realize the peculiarity and the untruth around you.

 It gives more clear and different perception of your past trauma to empower you to be your stimulator to fix and get a better life.

 It brings healing karmic and helps in overcoming the regression of one's life and also provides powerful willingness energy to work together and to become a hard worker.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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