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Etheric Body Resistance by Ferry Puthut- Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

EUR 23.00

23 $ year 2012

 provide a layer of self-protection that works automatically attached to the outermost layer of the body's energy field. It increases the aura emission strength in order to unaffected by other energy field when in contact.

 It's very useful to enhance the attractiveness and self-confidence. It able to increase mental strength.

 Etheric Body Resistance makes stress due to from work or the result of a difficult life becomes so common and easy to pass, because it has a unique energy that works thoroughly to stabilize and calm the heart and mental.

 It's very good to destroy negative forces that undermine the fabric of our spirituality thread with the Higher Force. In other words, it helps us to always connected with the Divine spirit.

Etheric Body Resistance is a high-energy supplement that enhances the ability to control the inner side in accordance with the situation at hand.

 This is helpful for re-mastering your mind and heart that are shrouded in confusion that restrain the discharge of our true abilities.

 Etheric Body Resistance works very well to clear any blocks in the metabolism core energy pathways in the body. It supports to relieve heartache and prejudice.

 It can lead us to a sense of happiness and self-appreciation in the feel of sadness and loneliness.

 Physically it accelerates the formation of new cells to replace damaged ones.

You will receive  Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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