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Abundance of Golden Rain by Jalu Wasonoadi

EUR 7.99

Has an enormous energy that has been designed to help us to bring a wealthness through creative thinking process.

 It promotes a dynamic change within our mental plane and gives a great stamina or vitality to fulfill our goal. 

ABUNDANCE OF GOLDEN RAIN connects our Higher Spirit to the Divine Abundance and is pouring its infinite possibilities to raise the Abundance Self within us. 

Thus it presents many solution from our very self self for all that we have in the past, present and future.

 ABUNDANCE OF GOLDEN RAIN also cleanse and release all attachments that are distract our self from abundance. 

The old pattern that no longer serves us on present time, dismissed and grounded into earth. 

As a return it brings a fresh pattern that is appropriate for our present issues. ABUNDANCE OF GOLDEN RAIN also improves our physical health as a part of self wealthness.

 It provides a great and fine energy for our vitality fulfill our goal.

 Thus it can create an attraction force for positive aspects for our progress in life.

 It is a great and direct energy system to make a grow as their own way

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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