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CZ Card - The Cave of the Shamans- by Cuzco Artist Channeller

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year 2018

Working with the energies channeled in the CZ Card can allow you to feel the great powers  of the Ancient Shamans and carry they  with you in your healing practices. 

These energies also are useful for a powerful purification and a will help to understand the shadow aspect of our self , only when all the masks will fall really you will be in contact with the Source

They are higher energies but only after you have received the attunement  the energy channeled in the image is renewed automatically for you for the rest of your life .

You can see the image CZ Card and call to the Ancient Shamans and state your intention to accept whatever lesson the Shamans may have for you nd in meditation you may thank for whatever teachings or gifts you have received.

Are very powerful energies useful for your sacred spiritual path ,for your rituals ,healing sessions etc.

you will receive pdf Manual,CZ Card JPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement

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