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CZ Card - Mother Earth Sacred Touch - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 19.99

year 2018 

Now are you in balance in all aspects of your being?

Begins to work with these great energies channeled in the CZ Card and  you will be learning lessons that entail understanding and connecting with the Sacred Spiral, also symbolize birth and rebirth and will allow for a personal vision or enlightenment of some kind and more.

Work with these energies for to meditate on the different types of movements that are in your life.

Currently is your movement in sync with your greatest desires and goals? 

For example If you  are feeling dizzy or have a lack of concentration etc.. you are moving too much and need to ground yourself, these might be a good  time to slow down, stop  and get back into to balance. 

Can put you in touch with Earth and your body and working with these wonderful energies is a way of getting you back in to balance with your body, mind and spirit to find your centre and reach your goals etc..

you will receive pdf Manual, CZ Card JPG Image and Chi Ball   Attunement

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