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CZ Card - Past Attachments Letting Go - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 19.99

year 2018

The wonderful energies channeled in the CZ  Card Image helps to instill you the true belief that as one door closes, another he one opens.

Work with these great energies any time when you are caught in the "old anger".

Although the anger may be triggered by a current person or situation, the origin for this of anger often  is from a wound earlier 
and often  may be related to an experience of grief or loss. 

Working with these energies  releases you  of  victimization and negative emotions, also helps in transforming relationships from one context to another, such as lovers into friends and are useful for to letting go of  any past attachments etc..

you will receive pdf Manual , CZ Card Image JPG and Chi Ball Attunement

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