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CZ Card - Mother Earth Mystic Essence - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 19.99

year 2018

 These are mystic energies that calms and opens the chakras, especially heart chakra to increased  your sensitivity and empathy for others persons and all living things.

They are powerful energies for the grounding and assisting you to re-align your self and tune to the mother earth .

They have grounding effect and detox effect on your body with  self cleansing features that work automatically

Are a powerful energies to break your destructive lusts, they also helps to control and balance your mental and emotional, relieve stress and impulsive or compulsive behavior , gives you a new perspective of a positive and healthy life and assist you  for you build a strong will to achieve your goal, relieve fears, build self-control, build self-discipline, removes self-criticism and more.

you will receive pdf Manual ,CZ Card Image JPG and Chi Ball Attunement

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