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Protection and Guidance of the Archangel Michael - by Scion - Manual in English or in German or in Italian

EUR 15.99

year 2018

When you are connected to each angel, you are also connected to each ray and its respective color that the angels are looking after.

The archangels help us in our daily lives, listening and always bringing information and guidance from the divine source

 Archangel Michael serves the blue ray,

Archangel Michael offers us his protection for the spiritual and physical realm and can be called anytime.

 Archangel Michael gives you courage and protection, gives you guidance when you are scared and when you feel lost and aimless.

 Archangel Michael carries a sword with him.

This sword can help you to cut off any negative attachments that hold you in this life or in relationships.

Visualize Archangel Michael's sword with which you cut those strings that connect you to the energy of these people and you will feel like any fatigue leaves you,

 Also are assist you when it comes to cleaning a room or of negative energy and more.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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