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CZ Card - White Mirror Magickal Shield - by Cuzco Artist Channeller - Manual in English or in Italian

EUR 19.99

year 2018
These energies are a high magic defense against all negative energies ,an very strong protection at all levels for  all people ,healers, magicians etc.

Working with these powerful energies  will make you invincible. 

Nothing will easily weaken you or harm you and any  kind of negativity,malicious spirits of all kinds, black magic, curses etc. will bounce off you.

Working with these energies Brings aid in the following areas and  more :

Brings full protection ,magical abilities ,mesmerizing glance ,mental influence ,huge personal power  and strength,removes fears, confusion, panic,strengthens the personal psychic abilities,bring courage, perseverance, conviction of yourself ,brings protects against energy loss and empowers the voice and gives  brings huge energy boosts and much more.

you will receive pdf manual ,JPG CZ Card  Image  and Chi Ball Attunement

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