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CZ Card - Relationships - Higher Powers of Success - by Cuzco Artist Channeller - Manual in English or in Italian

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year 2018

If you are in a stable relationship new love vibrations are generated 
between you for strengthing the existing feelings and any love blocks of any kind are destroyed and your relationship is protected and blessed.

Workng with these powerful and magic energies  that revives the sexual desire you will feel in love as the first day.

Use these magic love energies  and you enchant other with just one glance , draw attention, passion and confidence from others to you.

 These great energies  of love has not only effects in love  partnership area but also  in all interpersonal relationships .

Use these energies  smart  and  wisely ,the possibilities  are  endless in the following areas and more

Strong love attraction ,big success in love and your business, sexiness, erotic charisma, great personal power, authority charms, high-erotic aura, mind and body rejuvenation ,Sex appeal ,self-confidence,  self -esteem,physical stamina, vitality,elimination of depressive moods, Seduction,irresistible beauty ,magnetic glance and much more.

Are powerful  energies also for use in  the love rituals for awakening an the power of the female and Control in matters of love for dominate of men and more.

you will receive pdf Manual,JPG Image and  Chi Ball Attunement

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