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CZ Card Golden Lights Mystical Powers - by Cuzco Artist Channeller Manual in English or in Italian

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year 2018

High energies!

Working with these energies  will fill your life with the  bliss, harmony, love, abundance  ,prosperity ,healing and deep peace.

These wonderful  energies have great powers and are applicable in any way and on all levels. 

See how the golden lights illuminate everything, brings  of their  magickal energies around you,now you are safe .

These energies  contains all love, affection, help, protection and everything you need in your life

These energies are a  very  supportive of any problems and concerns for you and your family and your clients.

 Some examples and benefits of use :

It is a powerful cleaning tool for removed the negative energies of any kind and from anywhere ,its high frequency effectively decomposes the negative energies

 Increase of love vibrations and attraction in love relationships 

Removal of disharmony and Strengthening of love between to people 

Healing and Well-being manifestation and stabilization of situations or conditions

 Protection for business, money , places, house,objects and animals etc.

Protection against negative emotions  ,against physical or mental weaknesses etc.

Reinforcement of magical rituals , magic defense and protective shield  

Awakening of dormant situations in business,Increase in financial success , relationships,Physical and mental strength,  mental abilities, etc.

Detoxification in every aspect, rejuvenation the body,stimulating of the mind etc.

Magnetization of the aura for success, wealth, sex appeal, charisma, etc.

Increase of energy , strength of character, willpower,Increase abundance on all levels and  in all you want 

you will receive pdf Manual JPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement

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