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Mystical Vortex of Supreme Awareness - by Scion

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year 2018

These energies have the ability to influence our well-being ,by acting both emotionally and physically they are can connect all the planes of the body, physical, mental and spiritual, they contain high mystical vibrations and healing properties essential for the growth and evolution of the awareness.

Their greatest quality is to act directly on the archetypal and ancestral essence of the mind body system, they are able to act quickly as support and help in bringing back into equilibrium psychological frameworks of profound discomfort, they know how to enter deeply, filling the gaps and the disharmony, modifying the emotional blocks and deconstructing the unconscious mental processes that are the foundation of the discomfort and the problems that inevitably arise from an unbalanced lifestyle.

They are capable of radically transforming the patterns of life and acting on the most subtle and spiritual aspects they are really useful after having lived very painful experiences to find themselves recovering the purpose of your existence, useful in all those situations of serious personal disequilibrium resulting from traumatic experiences, such as the loss of a loved one or in the event of a shock after an accident or after sexual or emotional abuse and more.

Work with these energies  when you are afflicted by enormous problems and their weight overwhelms and looms amplifying our weakness and internal conflicts ,for those who tend to close in on themselves so as not to run the risk of suffering again after a separation or in the event of tension with loved ones or in the workplace etc..

Are great energies for those who have a static vision of life, for who is incapable of flexibility of thought and actions, for those who see everything in the same way without variety of nuances, helps to broaden horizons, to open the door to a new energies. face new situations without always repeating the usual errors. to connect with the most hidden part of the personality, giving energy and courage. helps to find joy, peace and stability .

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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