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Healing sacred Sound frequencies master by Manuela Fasoli -

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year 2018 
In all the  ancient cultures,in the old  sacred and spiritual traditions and for the shamans of all nations,the sound was very important .

In the veda  you can read that the pranava,the sacred sound of aum,created the world and for the sufi the universe was created by the sacred sound hu. 

Even in our ancient tradition the words of God creted the reality. 

Nowaday modern Scientists study sound frequencies and they found out that the sounds frequencies have a great healing power. 

We as humans are transmitting and receiving antennas, we are body absorbent and accumulators and work on the basis of the polarization law. 

Each organ has its own specific frequency, including our D.N.A  and any frequency or polarization disorder creates inconvenience, disease and disharmony in our lives

 With this attunement you’ll receive the sacred  five powerful healing frequencies,their energies,the 5 sacred mantras  and all the instructions on how to use it .

 theese frequencies can help every area of your life and can help you to heal every part of your body. 

The manual  is  longer than the others because you must fallow step by step all the instruction and because there’re  sacred mantras and a symbol .

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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