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Lose Weight Cocktail Essence - by Scion Manual in English or in Italian

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year 2018

Working with these energies you will find many health benefits. 

Are  a metabolism acceleration energies, to accelerates your metabolism and stimulates the body functions to  metabolize food converting it into energy and to increase  your energy and vitality.

They can help with weight loss, and overall health, increase your immune system and also help to maintain your  hair and skin beautiful and young and more.

The Cocktail contain the energies of various fruits useful to lose weight.
Are fruits rich in antioxidants and high content of vitamins ,favor the removal of toxins . 

Are at reduced caloric content and important presence of water content with a diuretic and purifying action and or strong presence of fibers and an action that promotes the durability of the sense of satiety and therefore a lower tendency to eat more than necessary.

Now also you are able to get the benefits of fruit juices without physical juices

Fruit juices the essence has the same health benefits as real fruit juices.

 It is possible to create a specific essence of fruit juice everywhere when it is difficult to have real fruits.

You will be in attunement with the Lose Weight Cocktail Essence that contain 
 an mixture of the wonderful energies of the following fruits  ;Apple - Pear -  Blueberries ,Orange - Melon - Pomegranate - Lemon - Fishing - Watermelon and Grapefruit

You can create a Essence Water ...see in the manual

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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