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Magic Energetic Tonic - by Scion - Manual in English or in Italian

EUR 15.99

year 2018

Reach the power that flows through your veins! 

These high magic energies remove the issue directly to the root,destroys any blockages without detours and  generates physical and mental strength, 

 Some  situations to use the Magic Energetic Tonic and or Programming an Object as a Channel of Energy

They are energies very helpful to maintain your overall health.

Magic Energetic Tonic is a powerful tonic to the circulation of energy within the subtle bodies, a general tonic for the heart and circulatory systems etc.

 It can also be used If there is a feeling of being down by your  life ,to stimulate movement within sluggish chakras etc..

Are Great energies useful for all those who lack vitality and have poor immunity.are useful for to strengthen your immune system, protect you from diseases  and  from free radicals 

It may also helps to maintain your skin health, makes your skin becoming fresh, beautiful and young-looking by preventing the aging effects.

For those who are need to reconnect to their joy, spontaneity , creativity and  sensuality and much more.
 Also  you can create a channel of Magic Energetic Tonic by programming an object like as crystals, water, etc. see the note in the manual

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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