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Pink & Gold Vibrational Magnet - by Scion - Manual in English or German or Italian

EUR 15.99

year 2018 

  It connects you to the universal energy and to the vibration of the pink and gold colors.

 These colors are actually the colors of power in every area where you work to bring success and abundance. Healing, fame, love and more!

 It can bring colorful visions when you receive the  healing,

 This will be due to the individual's ability to receive and open up to higher perception and let the energy flow.

Using ,you get a wonderful mix of energies that work together for love, abundance, beauty and harmony in a very spiritual way

 Image the desire for success in all areas of your life in the bright colors of gold and rose and see how it manifests itself.

Pink and gold colors bring power, bring protection and help keep your desires pure and protected.

 Successful energies that help you strengthen your charism will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, to be more successful and achieve any goal in your work. Know that success in everything you want to achieve is yours.

It does not matter if you work on healing, abundance and wealth, or love and relationship. Know that the energies fill you and they start working immediately to bring you your success.

You will receive  Manual pdf and Chi Ball Attunement

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