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Magickal Full Elixir - by Scion

EUR 49.99

year 2018
This It's one of the most powerful systems I've channeled and is a great system for professional magicians.

Use this magickal powers intuitively and everything in your life is possible.

These high magickal and vibrant refreshing energies bursting in of  you and available  for your  all needs is brought to you in this Full  Elixir you need only to activate it after your attunement and think of the project or healing topic or other you want propelled/quickened !

It is also a defense and cleansing system that frees from persistent black magic with ease and also works strongly, as a preventive measure. generates enormous will and perseverance, attracts magical and psychic abilities, success, love, money, happiness, etc.

Create a powerful mystical and magically charged aura for prepared optimally to make magical rituals, the rituals performed with an aura so charged will be more effective

It gives magical power to your voice and your gaze for becomes a master of magical influence, you can gain respect and reverence and much more.

 you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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