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Gratitude Attitude and Abundance Manifesting - by Scion

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 year 2018

These energies are wonderful  for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies,they work to purify and release you from any dark energies and  filling you of with white light ,a great  light that illuminates and clears your aura to allow healing that you have need now.

Working with these energies aid to allow one to open to Gratitude in all areas of life,  these powers can be used to show gratitude, give thanks, show appreciation, be grateful, finding the miracles and the sacred in each moment in giving and receiving help from other,enhances the feeling of gratitude and showing love each and every moment ad  much more. 

 Using these energies also are a  good treatment to negative thought, negative feelings, envy, worry ,irritation etc..during or after the  healing session you have may experience a sudden release of deeply hidden emotions or only feel incredibly loved ,happy ,grateful  and at peace on yourself. 

Gratitude and appreciation are  a very important attitude  to shows appreciation for what you have in your life and living the life with fully abundance,when we focus on something negative consciously or unconsciously you attract negativity , these energies contain the power to create and manifest through focusing on what we want now.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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