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CZ Card - Shield of Mystical Light - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 19.99


  year 2018

Working with these  energies create a strong connection with the higher mystical and spiritual healing energies .

The shield of mystical light create  a powerful shield around your aura and protects you from any kinds of black magick and psychic attacks and dissolves them in shortly.

These Mystical energies are extremely effective to remove and destroy any forms of dark-forces, evil eye, negative entities, black magick, and any negative or destructive forces etc,also are very effective to clears and purify an environmental or a space and heals a situation.

They are a powerful healing energies to heals also at distance any forms of diseases physics o metaphysics

If you want you can use these Mystical energies to overcome metaphysical powers and breaks spiritual and magickal shielding of your enemies.

you will receive pdf Manual,JPG Image and Chi Ball Attunement

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