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Met Kalfou magick power by Manuela Fasoli manual in english or in german

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year  2018
In the tradition Voodoo Met Kalfou is the dark half of Pope Legba, his double, the actuation of Legba in the Kingdom of Darkness. Its name translated from the Creole means Lord of the crosshairs and is the true master of the magic.

 If Legba is light, met Kalfou is darkness, if Legba is peace, met Kalfou is war.

 If Legba represents the four-arm cross, which represents the four cardinal paths, Met Kalfou represents an X, representing the four medial paths. is the alternative. An alternative that does not contrast with the laws of God (Bon Dieu) but it is part and completes them.

 It governs all the spirits of the night and the Lost Souls and it is the Loa which can defend from darkness and all  kind of problems and which can give everything that the man always desires: love, sex, money, success, beauty.

With this attunement you’ll receive his power and protection and you’ll be linked to him so you can always ask what you need.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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