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Feminine Leopard Power Elixir by Lavinia (Sina Szendrei).

EUR 19.99 EUR 299.99

year 2014 - 299,99 euro

 Feminine Leopard Power Elixir Extraordinary noble, magical energy ... 

This powerful system is concentrated high magical energy in combination with very noble energies and grace, grandeur, beauty, wisdom, efficiency and power of Leopard!

 Some examples of the use:

 Reinforcement of feminine charms, rejuvenation, stimulation of the cells

 Reinforcement of beauty / charisma / appeal

 Sexiness, erotic charisma, personal power, authority 

 Intelligence, wisdom, strategic knowledge, leadership qualities 

 Mental clarity / strength, self-awareness, self-confidence, mighty protection 

 Physical stamina, vitality, elimination of depressive moods

  Might of influencing other people (even from afar)

  Noble movements / expression, youthfulness, absolutely center point 

 Empowering the voice to put opponents / enemies / negative spirits in fear and shock, respect and admiration of others, absolute control / might, domination of men and women 

 Awe-inspiring radiation, noble mystical / hypnotic glance / charisma, memorable royal appearance, winning mentality 

Success in business / financial matters / profession / love, wealth, abundance, luxury, increasing business incomes, refining the aura with golden light MUCH MORE !!!

you will receive pdf manaul and Chi Ball Attunement

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