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Sacred Mount Kailash Elixir - by Scion Manual in English or in Italian

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year 2018

Connect you to of the energies and powers  of the holy mountain in Tibet,at  the Mount Kailash and anything may happen! 

The chant Om mani padme hum ,the jewel in the heart of the lotus.

Om is the out-breath of Brahma bringing the world into being, and Vishnu keeps the tones moving, and then Shiva draws in the breath, unmaking all so it can all be made anew.   
Mani is the jewel hidden inside every human, the divinity and perfect content, wisdom and strength and compassion.

Padme is the lotus, a flower that grows from the mud of pools to make a beautiful bloom. 

Hum anchors the blessing of the chant in your earthly and spiritual bodies. 

Hum ends most Tibetan chants and they pronounce this mantra more like om mahnee pemma hung than as it is sung in India. 
Kailash is the mount sacred to Shiva. the energy of this place is strong and pure, the energy of Shiva, that transforms all the people. is the universal principle of energy, power or creativity.

These energies are strong and powerful and  works perfectly with all aspects of your life, in physical, spiritual and mental areas.

Are great incredible energies, useful for spiritual growth , in meditation ,for purify places and objects ,to cleanse all karma that created blocks in all our past, the blocks have disturbed the circulation of energy causing poverty, disease etc. brings us a pure and clear mind, use for removing traumas,. great for third eye opening ,kundalini awakening , healing ,for abundance & prosperity , self esteem and much more.

you will receive pdf Manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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