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Roots of Vetiver Magickal Elixir - by Scion

EUR 15.99

year 2018 

These energies they radiates a vibration that possesses special emotional and physical healing properties,working with these energies keeps in balance the emotional and mental equilibrium ,they have a healing effect on emotions and favor unconditional love and the romance,encourages focused intentions and assists you in any changes that bring you in new directions for increase financial resources.   

Great used for emotional grounding and stabilizing the emotions.
helps to keep composure during stressful situations and aids one to shun the expression of negative judgements.

They aid the balancing of the chakras ,brings peace by calming the body and mind to facilitate meditation,strengthens spiritual insight ,enhances psychic abilities, assist in perceiving information psychically and helps interpret the dreams 

The elixir also  have a great energies  useful for discharge any negative energies polluting the aura and they have also great  ability to provide promote personal safety from any dark force damage.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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