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Magickal Bhima Essence by Hari Andri Winarso

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In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Bhima or Bhimsen is the second of the Pandavas. The Mahabharata relates many events which portray the immense might of Bhima. Bhima is responsible for slaying all hundred Kaurava brothers in the Kurukshetra War. (Wikipedia)

Magickal Bhima Essence was channeled to strengthen your physical power and makes your stamina become more powerful. It will stimulate all parts of your body at the cellular level to increases your agility, dexterity, balance, flexibility, endurance, stamina, reflexes.

Magickal Bhima Essence helps to build positive thoughts and optimism. You will always have the courage and more spirit to facing anything, any challenges that confront you. 

It will help you to always survive, getting stronger in any condition and situation, even in a very hard condition and situation.

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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