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Magickal Bloodroot Essence by Hari Andri Winarso

EUR 13.99

year 2018  - 25 $

Magickal Bloodroot Essence was channeled to clear negativities and stimulate the Heart Chakra.

 It helps to release anger, sad, fears and anxiety and also effective to heal a broken heart and emotional wounds. 

It will tranmute negative energies of emotion into positive so you will always fulfill with positive emotions of love, joy, compassion and feelings of relief and freedom.

Magickal Bloodroot Essence also helps to enhance your concentration, meditation and creative visualization.

 It will awaken the spirituality and allows you to deepening and accelerates your spiritual practices.

 Magickal Bloodroot Essence assists to expand your consciousness and increases your wisdom to the high levels.

you will receive pdf manual and  Chi Ball Attunement

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