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Angel Poyel Grace Flush by Manuela Fasoli

EUR 7.99

year 2018

Angels as you know,are being of light who are with us since the origin of the world and they’re here to help,guide and inspire us all but they even are higher parts of us ,of our soul. Ancient rabbis used to ask people “what angel are you”? And not “who is your guardian angel”?

 The angels are doors to our way home and to the multidimensional portals. In this special time,the time called kaliyuga by the ancient veda ,they are powerful  messagers of light and love and they are even more present because we need help to change,to evolve  and to help planet

.the word angel comes from the old ebrew word mal’akh” that means messanger but means even multidimensional warrior .usually we use and we know just the word angelos in greek and we think of them just as messangers.

this systems brings you the energy ,the presence ,the protection and the divine skills of   poyel .

 Poyel is the angel of fortune and support.

 This angel  brings fortune on every level of your life  ,he fills you with hope, optimism and positive ideas.

 This angel can even restore your health.   

 In the manual you’ll find the prayer to contact this angel and to receive the help you need.
  you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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