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CZ Card - Self- Esteem and Magical Inner Abilities by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 35.00

year 2017

The activation of this CZ Card requires the total respect of the Sacred.

Working with these energies bring you Self-esteem , helps you not to give exaggerated attention to the physical aspect but to focus more on the inner aspect one

It gives you the wonderful ability to "appear what you are not" as they do
the  great actors and excellent performers, illusionists etc.

 This skill serves as a "disguise" when appropriate useful  and allows you to enter and exit situations  unwanted with simplicity and grace ,

If  you work with these energies they also help to prevent and they teach us " at do not to enter" in chaotic situations that are harmful to us at any level.

Personal Application  or for other  people any time, any place you need this energy.

you will receive pdf manual ,JPG Image ,Chi Ball Attunement

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