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CZ Card - Great Primordial Powers Awaken - by Cuzco Artist Channeller

EUR 35.00

year 2017 

The activation of this CZ Card requires the total respect of the Sacred.

Personal Application  or for other  any time, any place you need this energy.

Working with these wondrful energies  help  they awaken many dormant skills and   bringsblessings and luck in your life .

These powers  are strong, helpful,  are in connection with magic, are the keepers of secret knowledge and much more.

 Are betwen the mightiest forces of the ethereal realms.

 The powers  are powerful ,but power for itself is a neutral energy. 

What's important is how to use it, if you are able to control it, if you steer it to reach your higher goals, or if the power is dominating you. 

The human being is not more  living his High power  but now we are trying to reconnect to these powers.

Too much of this power has been lost during our evolution into the technological age and too many people are feeling like having lost their roots. 

Now we are feeling drawn to get back to our spirituality to see again the things behind the veil.

 Working with these energies  is one of the ways to reach this goal

you will receive pdf manual,Image JPG and Chi Ball Attunement

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