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Egyptian Energies Package N 3 - 10 Systems

EUR 19.99

Egyptian Energies Package  N 3   - 10 Systems 

Receive the distant Attunement chi ball,10   Manuals english language, and the necessary instructions, once it is prepared for you, chi ball not expire, you can receive your attunements when you wish.

List systems NO substitutions

1- Bast Goddess of Cats and Perfume by Elizabeth Hibel

2- SSR Sekhem Seichim Reiki -  E- Book

3 - ISIS Seichim Practitioner Degree by Ruth Mays

4 - YOD Initiations by Kathleen Milner

5 - Egyptian Cartouche Mastery - by Kathleen Milner

6 - The Gates of Ra by Stewart Farquharson

7- The Power Of Hatshepsut Maria Joao Sereno by Brigitt

8-  The Golden Triangle - by James Purner & Linda Vaughan

9 - Ra Essence Attunement by Winarso

10 -Heron and Egret Empowerment by Stewart Farqhuarson

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