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Vaginal Care Personal use by Mariah Windsong

EUR 14.99

year 2015

 Vaginal Care specifically attends to the internal environment of a female's Feminine inner pathway.

 Emotional and hormonal changes can wreak havoc on our Delicate inner tissues.

 If a woman is sexually active, there may be a need for "quick Healing "if the pressure on her inner regions caused any tears in the lining of her vagina. 

Vaginal Care energy system, when activated, will also help lift away The cellular memory imprint of bad experiences in that area of ​​your body.

If there are reasons why your body wants to retain the cellular memory of those Experiences, the Vaginal Care Team will communicate with the conscious of your Vagina to gain agreement to reduce the intensity of those past experiences if they Were not pleasant.

 Many times a person's body will retain the "brightness" of a bad experience, Thinking that by uplifting the bad memory, they will help you avoid similar Experiences in the future. 

Unfortunately, that dedication of your body's cells can Deter you from wanting to be sexual, even in a pure and healthy relationship. 

After your attunement, you can have more in-depth healing if you choose to ask For your Vaginal Care Team to administer Unwanted Touch Imprint Remover. 

you will receive pdf manual  and Chi Ball Attunement 

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