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Estrogen Flush Master Level by Mariah Windsong

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year 2015

 Anyone who is estrogen dominant and seeks to reduce the amount of Estrogen circulating in their body. 

This is usually the most beneficial for women Who still have ovaries and are nearing peri-menopause or menopause. 

So too women who have or have the symptoms of endometriosis may want To receive an attunement to Estrogen Flush and re-activate it regularly. 

Men who have undergone hormonal chemotherapy treatments, resulting in An excess of estrogen may also benefit by activating this energy system too. 

 These xenoestrogens disrupt our Endocrine system. 

If the estrogen levels stay too high in a body, left unopposed by progesterone, Some serious conditions may develop. Among them are: Endometriosis, Decreased cognitive abilities, heart disease and stroke, fibroids, uterine Cancer, missed periods or abnormally heavy blood flow during periods.

 Some of the women who have estrogen dominant experience are: (Some of the same symptoms occur for women without enough estrogen) PMS fatigue Trouble sleeping Headaches, especially before your period Weight gain especially around your midsection Water retention Breast swelling and sore (tenderness) Mood swings especially irritability Decreased desire for sexual activity Irregular menstrual cycle Hair loss Thyroid dysfunction Irregular bleeding Digestive issues Intestinal cramping Strange food cravings

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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