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Estrogen Flush Personal Use by Mariah Windsong

EUR 17.99

year 2015 

Anyone who is estrogen dominant and seeks to reduce the amount of Estrogen circulating in their body. 

This is usually the most beneficial for women Who still have ovaries and are nearing peri-menopause or menopause. 

So too women who have or have the symptoms of endometriosis may want To receive an attunement to Estrogen Flush and re-activate it regularly.

 Men who have undergone hormonal chemotherapy treatments, resulting in An excess of estrogen may also benefit by activating this energy system too. 

A team of Angels and celestial light beings who work in concert with your and your Body's goals to help restore health. In terms of this energy system, Estrogen Flush helps restore hormonal Balance by reducing the amount of estrogen flowing through your bloodstream. 

You will receive  pdf manual and  Chi Ball Attunement

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