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Package N 08 - 12 Mix Systems Manual in German only

EUR 9.99

Package  N 08   -  12 Mix Systems Manual in German only 

You will Receive Attunement chi ball,  PDF Manual German  language once it is prepared for you,chi ball do not expire, you can receive your attunement when you wish.

List systems NO substitutions

1 - Inti Reiki

2- MariEl Reiki

3- Pyramide des  Wissens

4- Kuthumi Tierlichthelilung

5- Gods Flame 

6- Das Violette Feuer

7- Thor Hai Nann

8- Die Leichtigkeit des Seins

9 - Tera Mai reiki 

10- Cartouche the Oracle

11- The Seven Rays of Love 

12 - Angels Stone 

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