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Package N 01 - 13 Mix Systems Manual in German only

EUR 9.99

Package 13 Mix Systems Manual lin German only 

Receive this distant Attunement chi ball, 13  PDF Manual German  language once it is prepared for you,chi ball do not expire, you can receive your attunement when you wish.

List systems NO substitutions

1- Erzengel Anael 

2 - Angels taje the Soul Shares

3- Beings of Light Crystal Healer

4- Cosmic Oral Care 

5 - Der Engel Mahzian 

6 -  Divine Birthright

7- DNA Heilungs Reiki

8 - Eagle Wings Healing

9 -  Einweihung in Psychic Reiki

10- Psychic  Reiki

11 - Elohim s' Mercy 

12- Erzengel Metatron

13-Erzengel Gabriel Lilie

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