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Consecrating The Light Mantras Empowerment II by Ramon Martinez Lopez

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year 2014   

from the manual...

When  you  say  these  words  mentally  or  aloud,  you  are calling  the  rays  of  creation,  you  raise  your  vibration  internally  in  your  cells  and  in  union  with  cosmos.  
Good  before  praying,  healing  sessions  or  just  meditate on.   This  energy  comes  directly  from  the  immortal  light source  to  every  sentient  being  and  is  filtered  through  various  parts  of  the  mind.  We  might  call  this  energy divine  creative  force.  
Miraculous  Prayer  uses  the  force  of  the  miraculous  to bring  about  a  desired  result.  
Adding  positive  emotion  to  the  energy  of  a  prayer improves  the  outcome  of  the  prayer.  
Repeat  a  prayer  mantra  focused  on  your  desired outcome.  
There  is  no  explanation  for  the  mantras,  this  is  the reason  because  these  prayers  go  to  the  subconscious  mind  to  release  your  false  believes  about  who  you are.  If  you  trust  you  create  an  infinitive  space  for  manifesting  divine  light  that  resides  in  you  and  the entire  cosmos.  Fill  the  gaps  of  information  with  with  your  intuition.  
You  do  not  need  to  recite  the  mantras  correctly, follow  your  heart.  
You  can  recite  the  mantras  as  many  times  as  you  can, follow  your  intuition.  
The  energy  created  by  recitation  cleans  and  awakens 
your  kundalini  safely.  

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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