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5 TH DIMENSIONAL ENERGIES OF LIGHT - The New Higher Frequences and the Eye of Horus Activation by Carol Ann Tessier

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5 TH DIMENSIONAL ENERGIES OF LIGHT  -  The   New  Higher Frequences  and  the  Eye  of  Horus  Activation  

 T he Eye of Horus Activation (EOH )  is  a  gateway  that   As  we  build  this  reservoir,  we  re-calibrate our physical, emotional, mental and spirit body, 
 releasing old programming, negative patterns, and  creating a stronger foundation or matrix. This in turns activates more of our Divine Blueprint  and  can connect us more efficiently to our Light  body.  

What is our Lightbody 
Your  light  body  is  an  energy  body  that  exists  at  a  higher  level,  closer  to  your  Source,  than  your  chakras. 

You have seven vibrational energy  body centers and three light body centers, for a total of ten centers that power and make up your light  body.  

The first three centers regulate the amount of energy you take in from your environment, they change less harmonious energies into  harmonious  ones,  and  use  all  the  energy  around you to go higher. These three centers form the power base of your light body. 

As you work  with these centers, you may experience a stronger sense of personal power and an increased ability  to  stay  centered  and  to  release  stuck   emotional  energy.  

The upper vibrational energy body centers create flow and harmony, and take you to the higher mental  realms  and  other  dimensions  that   are beyond time and space.

 As you work with these centers you can add light to your thoughts and  open  your  channel  to  the  higher  dimensions. 

 You  can  experience  many  illumined,  expanded  states  of  awareness  that  can  feel  deeply insightful, blissful, and take you beyond  thought into direct experiences of being-ness.  
There  are  three  light  body  centers.  As  you  awaken  these  centers  and  connect  with  your  Source,  you can increase the balance, clarity, and  harmony in your life. Awakening your light body is like having a new kind of vision, where you can see, sense, or feel the higher, more  beautiful energies of your Universe, and make  them  a  part  of  your  daily  life.  
The EOH Activation awakens your Light Body as it has been done in ancient Temples long ago 

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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