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The SVABAVIKAKAYA Attunements And Alignments by Ramon Martinez Lopez

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The SVABAVIKAKAYA Attunements  And Alignments 

Energy is occurring on three levels: the outer, the inner & the secret. 

These three levels of practice have similarities to what in Daoist practice are known as the Three Treasures (Jing, Qi & Shen); and also to what in Buddhist practice are known as the Three Bodies (Tri-Kaya) ofthe Buddha/Awakened Mind (Nirmanakaya, Sambhogokaya & Dharmakaya).

The outer level of practice is the most superficial (or densely vibrating) level. In qigong, it is called the level of the tendons and is associated ~ in terms of the Three Treasures ~ withJing/essence (which, among its physical substances, includes cerebral-spinal fluid, marrow & sexual fluids). This is the level at which one focuses on physical alignment: on creating a structure (of bones, muscles, organs,tendons) conducive to entrance into the deeper levels of the practice. This is the level at which one learns a form which (like a mandala, a yantra, or good  or feng shui) can then serve as a portal through which the energies/insights of the inner levels of the practice can more easily flow. So as practitioners, this means learning the particular form(s) associated with Your chosen tradition.

The body of form; the body that is visible to (and which appears in response to the aspirations of ordinary human beings, beings still operating primarily on this outer level.

The inner level of practice is the level of light, sound &color: of vibration that is actually experienced as moving/fluid (vs.the experience of solidity that is characteristic of the outer level), this is the level of the meridians and is associated. This is the level of the pranic body/bodies. It is at this level that one begins to work with the internal forms or energetic. Most illnesses manifest in the physical body from the etheric so he is here to help us with etheric body healing as well.

 This  Attunements Are called, in Sanskrit, the svabavikakaya Attunements which means the essential body (or manifestation) of enlightened consciousness.

svabavikakaya Attunements  Are The Unity Of Inner  And  Utter And undisclosed Energy.

 you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunemen

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