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Golden dragon love empowerment plus Egyptian golden tara empowerment by Ramon Martinez Lopez

EUR 350.00

Golden dragon love empowerment plus Egyptian golden tara empowerment 

year 2014   

jonsu means:

To go through youthful essence 

The traveler it means traveler, And Also had the titles Embracer, Pathfinder, and Defender, as he was thought to watch travelers' overnight.

 As the god of light in the night, Khonsu was Invoked to protect against wild animals,

 Increase  male virility, and to aid with healing. 

Tara Kurukulle (Tibetan: rig that but. Inglese: The One of the Family Action): Goddess of Power. Kurukulle is to develop one's capacity and to make one attractive to beings. 

The Tibetan equivalent of Sekhmet. Golden tara Kurukulla distinctiveness: Eliminates negativity 

Inside  And Outside  Empowerment With Feminine Qualities ; Nurturing Passion Love  Sex Dreams Sensitivity Creation Of Life 

She Is A Destroyer  Of negativity .Magnetism, Astral body cleansing And more

you will receive pdf manual and Chi Ball Attunement

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