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Negativity Flush by Nicole Lanning

EUR 5.00

Have you ever been consumed with negativity?

 How about just going out and about and can feel bad When people are around?

 What about going to a friend or relative's home and after leaving and listening to them vent for a few hours you are consumed with anger, frustration or depression and do not understand why? 

These are all examples of negativity in one way shape or form. 

Negative about anything really - not job going well at work, on the relationship rocks, problems with people, places, things, issues, etc - all of them are forms of negativity.

 Being around negative people without psychic protection is not helpful either!

 as Their negativity can soak up onto your energy fields and then you carry this around such as visiting a friend or relative and leaving feeling drained or overcome with negativity for no reason, as they dumped all of the negative energetic garbage into your energy fields without you even knowing it.

A negative attitude is self-defeating. We will not find solutions to life's problems by looking for someone or something to blame. Failure to do what you want to do (be happy) causes stress on all level. 

 you will receive pdf  manual and chi ball attunement

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