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Passionate Energetic Charger by Jalu Wasonoadi

EUR 7.99

 year 2013  - 28,5 $ 

Passionate Energetic Charger Facilitates the visualization and connects you to a higher spiritual power.

 It's a passionate energy That helps you embed the ability to face life's challenges. and this soothing dark moods and bring emotional balance. 

Passionate Energetic Charger gives support to instill you with abundant energy and stabilize the relationship between the physical and subtle bodies.

 Passionate Energetic Charger has beautiful energy Enhance sexuality and entering and refreshing every cell of the body, this obviously brings physical and psychological strength to you. 

Passionate Energetic Charger blackberries brings energy into your auric field, counteract lethargy and fatigue.

 Another benefit of Passionate Energetic Charger is:

  Strengthening superior properties That help your mental and spiritual growth.

  Bring mental and emotional balance. 

 Bringing openness and acceptance of tranquility and abundance. 

 Assist in healing the digestive system, fortify nerves, and stimulates the immune system. 

 Increase vitality and Strengthen your intention That is based on love and compassion

 you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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