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Auric Energy Influx by Jalu Wasonoadi

EUR 7.99

year  2012  - 27 $ 

 Auric Energy Influx bring to you positive effect on auric field, and will clear negativity and disharmonious energy from it and refresh it. 

This is very helpful to assists you to love yourself first, as only by loving yourself can you truly love another. 

Auric Energy Influx transmit it lovely strong energy of love and compassion Throughout our Bodies that can help to create connections between people who might otherwise find it difficult to find common ground.

 Auric Energy Influx helps you to feel blackberries congruent with others who may have quite different ideals or beliefs from you. 

Auric Energy Influx Encourages our sense and helps everyone to work together and cooperate, regardless of background or beliefs. 

Auric Energy Influx strongly resonates and connects the etheric body to the physical body, and this is beneficial to relieve stress.

 It helps this way of feeling to become a normal state of affairs in your life and assists you to feel the courage to deal with life's problems

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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