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Biomagnetic Spectrum by Jalu Wasonoadi

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year 2011  - 35 $

Biomagnetic Spectrum is a powerful energy system and performs useful to our physical body in completely function. 

It's Strengthen our nervous system to receive and emits all information from and surrounding Within our-self, Which is radiated as vibrational wave.

 This system directs and Generates the electrical currents That related with our body as magnetic field known as auric body. 

Allows our nervous system sent the information all over the body for a variety of life functions

 Creates a strongly and healthy bio-magnetic field to perform vital life functions all the way sensory information from computing, cellular chemistry and firing electron across the synapses.

 Our body is a complex electric circuits That wherever is electrical activity but have a tiny magnetic field than surrounding planetary and environments. Therefore this system will helps us to Overcoming the obscured negative energy field of them and allow us to gain a healthy body at all level of life. 

 was designed to cleanse and Enhance our energy field to have an incredible healing energetic system and Provide us with high frequencies of bioelectrical currents, Therefore produces a powerful energy field. 

This system influences presents to our mind a thought That Generates pattern changes and create a variety changes bio-magnetic field at certain frequencies Which determined the speed and length of wave frequencies thought.

is useful to increase to our health quality, especially to recovering from injuries, a great assistance for chronical disease treatment, Provides a strong and healthy vital organs, stimulates the glands to secrete its appropriate hormones to presents calmness, silentness, peace and joy Which usefully for daily life Thus activities Achieves balance and harmonious been at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Improve the manifestation process through amplification of thought wave radiance to environment, surrounding planetary and even the universe, to gain a life fulfillment

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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