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Into Me You See Reiki Attunement by Linda Kaye

EUR 7.99

This is a very special attunement for surrendering ourselves to emotional and sexual intimacy. 

Some of The Benefits .

 Ability to Experience Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Let go of childhood emotional and sexual issues

Let go of past adult emotional and sexual issues

Experience greater love, joy and intimacy in your relationship

 Free yourself of Sexual Shame and Guilt

Heart Opening ,Forgiveness

Experience Sexual and Emotional Euphoria

Experience Joy ,More Passion ,Ability to Experience Orgasms

Attract Love ,Attract A Sexual Partner

Enjoy Sex ,Enjoy Oral Sex ,Experience Your Sensuality

Feel more sexy ,Increase Self Worth

More Confidence Heal, love and nurture your inner child

And  more

you will receive pdf  manual and chi ball attunement

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