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Heart Peace Vibration by Jalu Wasonoadi (Satya Prajna Lokasaranga)

EUR 6.99

year  2012 - 26 $ 

 Heart Peace Vibration it's great for assistance in healing deep, especially where there has Been unfortunate events of emotional hurt and abuse, as well as abandonment and sudden loss. 

It's calming but make stronger for its user.

 Heart Peace Vibration give spiritually aware to all people who need to feel secure and safe, Bringing a sense of knowing and being watched over from Angelic Beings.

 Heart Peace Vibration soften and bring peaceful energies to tense and heavy atmospheric areas. 

As well as to attract protective light beings around the home where babies and children play and sleep.

 This powerful to diminish feelings of abandonment, of being lost and of being lonely, brings the "Mothers Touch" and the "Fathers Safety" within a single touch. 

Heart Peace Vibration's help to soften and lighten the energy beings and Within outer.

 Bringing peace That will shine through the whole aura.

 This in turn attracts That of matching energies. And this Allows the energy of one's heart to higher integrated with the higher chakras for a heart-center consciousness to become one's focus and inner wisdom

 You will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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