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Trauma Healing Energy (THE) by Manuela Marx

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Healing trauma can need some time since a lot of trapped energy might need to be dispelled. 

This energy  Clears the overabundance of immobilizing or, detrimental 'energy Which Was Caused to stay Within our energy system through experiencing a traumatic event. 

The longer you work with this energy, the energy  immobilizing you will transform. 

This will slowly and safely remove the prevalent feeling of, paralyzation 'towards the traumatic event. There is a Possibility of re-experiencing some traumatic events, but you will look at them from a new perspective and you will be  re-live them in a safe way, feeling empowered as  you move through everything.

  Replaces the cleared healing energy with a specific frequency suiting your specific trauma. This is why this energy may feel completely different Depending on the person and on the specific Traumas being worked on.

. Connects with resources from the treasure chest of your soul, your own experiences in order to give you a feeling of having power over what has happened and is happening, it helps you deal with the trauma.

  Causes for trauma Many events can lead to traumatic reactions in a later part of life, Depending on the person and on how the traumatic event was perceived at the time it happened. 

You will Receive pdf manual and chi ball Attunement

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