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Radiant Lights of God s Forgiveness And Love Reiki Attunement by Linda Kaye

EUR 7.99

Radiant Lights of God’s Forgiveness And Love Reiki Attunement 


Stronger Connection with God ,Feeling God in your heart

Greater Faith ,Joy ,Letting Go of the Past

Freedom From Resentments ,Freedom From Guilt

Freedom From Self Punishment ,

Stronger Family Connections

Ability to maintain healthier romantic relationships

Remove manifestation blocks

Happiness and Joyfullness

Peace of Mind ,Feeling Lighter

Become more focused ,Ability To Feel Love

Ability To Experience Love ,You Radiate Love

Ability To Give Love ,Happier Relationships

Happier Marriage 

More Success  and  Prosperity For Yourself

And more

 You will Receive pdf manual and chi ball Attunement

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