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Soul Lovers Attunement by Linda Kaye

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Intimacy is a feeling of intense closeness emotionally and sexually. As we go through life, most people experience heartache and rejection at one time or another. As a result

they develop barriers to their hearts and souls. In order to experience true sexual and emotional intimacy, you must allow yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

 There are many reasons why you might be afraid to surrender your heart and soul to another. A few of them are listed below:

 Fear of Commitment ,Fear of Intimacy,Fear of Rejection

Fear of Abandonment ,Fear of being controlled/manipulated

Fear of Sexual Intimacy ,Fear of Losing Your Identity

Fear of Physical Abuse ,Fear of Emotional Abuse

 and Fear of Mental Abuse

 This is a very powerful attunement, and there are 3 Levels to this attunement:

Level 1 – Soul Shower Cleansing Treatment

Level 2 – Heart opening Ceremony Healing

Level 3 – Soul Lovers Reiki Attunement

You will Receive pdf manual and chi ball Attunement

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