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Package 11 systems Lightworker by Carol Ann Tessier

EUR 9.99

Package systems Lightworker LW Series by Carol Ann Tessier 

Receive this distant Attunement chi ball,  11 PDF  Manual English language the necessary instructions, once it is prepared for you, chi ball not expire,   you can receive your attunement when you wish.

List systems NO substitutions

1 - Yule Reiki 

2 - Knights of the Rosary 

3 - Ancient Egyptian Mantra Initiation 

4 - Knights of Mother Mary 

5 - Knights of The Holy Grail L

6 - Dolphin Sekhem - Seichim Reiki 

7 - Knights of Archangel Michael

8 - Knights of The Divine Mercy

9 - Knights of Jeanne D'Arc 

10 - Knights of Mary Magdalene

 11 -  The Eye of Horus Activation 

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