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Amora - Ray of Unity - Ancient energy of Egypt by Alla Sharkia

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The concept of Unity In Hinduism unity is one of three divine forces.

 In Kabbalah, unity amongst people is a method for and achieving spirituality.

 Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag Stated In His article, "Unity of Friends," that "the That important thing stands before you today is the unity of friends. 

Toil In That  and more, for it can compensate for all the faults. "His son, Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag, Also emphasized in method among friends That Involved unity to reach the spiritual. In previous generations Kabbalists such as Rav. abraham Kook argued That the affirmation of God aspires to reveal unity in the world as it is the basis of all spiritual knowledge and one the highest notions Which Mankind can perceive. In the Christian religion has shown unity as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit - the three divine Which are always united. In metaphysical terms unity is something That unites, makes whole, complete, brings together, and makes connection.

 We can see the signs of Unity everywhere, in ancient symbols like Yin and Yang, in the Jewish star of David, the union between man and women, etc '.

The story of Amora - Ray of Unity Studying manuals of "Golden Triangle" and "The Temple of Isis" energy healing systems I felt That sense of inner lack That something else is missing, That Those would complete Already known methods, and perhaps even merge the knowledge. In search of answers, I conducted a lengthy meditation, referring to the higher mind asking my spiritual guides to give me a reply. in September 2004, I received a message from channeling with Goddess Isis: "Unity - the most important aspect of spiritual development and working with healing energies. The unity of the physical body, mind and soul to Allows persons to move forward on the path of spiritual growth, get rid of the negative effects That Accompany your daily life, and helps to gain an understanding of its uniqueness - its perfection as the creation of God. " The Isis was a messenger of God Amon, she came to give me the answer. after That I was given the symbol of ancient Egyptian healing system, from the origins of the God of Sun - Amun - Ra. Isis says: "Ray of the Sun brings together all living things, giving you the light and joy, tranquility and warmth. " I called this system "Amora" - On behalf of the Sun God, from whom-it received

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